((Eva Saritaa Oomen))

How everything can talk and can tell you what beauty lies beneath. tumdudumdumdum.

audio and visual art

(music, video, paintings, drawings)



e-mail:             evazeekind@gmail.com

Instagram:     @zeekindje

Parts of the new project. Working with samples and poetry and some more nice things instead of always so sad boohoo.
Now still nameless but it’s waiting for a name it can rest in.

liefdeslied voor de tijd + ontgraaf je


All part of an ongoing series of observations:

“Little Eva’s secret symposion on life and the living”


Older albums::

‘Angels playing basketball’


‘little houses lick the wounds’


Recent Work

Working on text and music in the dutch language. To find the poetry of loneliness and memory.

Latest EP: ‘Zoetekauw uitgekauwd’

A tiny story talking about not being able to be with someone the way one would want to.


latest album: ‘De geheime taal van duizend dekens’

Songs singing about not being able to find the beauty in life, but you know it’s there somewhere.


observations of colours and how everything speaks