How everything can talk and can tell you what beauty lies beneath. tumdudumdumdum.


As the sea was endlessly talking its way thro time, I found a hand growing in the middle of the dunes, calmly reaching for the sun. So I asked what it was doing there, so alone and incomplete. The sand sprung up and told me how everything grows as a hand, existing thro giving and receiving, building and breaking, and that all the things in between is just dust turned into glitter. Like a sunset sprinkles its daily story on the water as she settles down to sleep and becomes one with the whispers of the sea. Like we settle down as well after a long day, or a short one. Settling down after a long life, or a short one. 



translating conversations, experiences and the people I meet.




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some words of a heart. A weird world to understand.

(the secret language of a thousand blankets)
being disconnected from living, life, oneself and from other people

(sweettooth outtoothed)
just another sad love story that turns into loving life

Older albums::

‘Angels playing basketbal’
how being close to death can make life a little weird, but also rewarding.


‘little houses lick the wounds’
an ode to connection and letting go.

⇓−Ο− some video’s −Ο−⇓

…babies in the sky

About always growing back to talking with the world and conversating with life.

the world I once bore…

an understanding of life completely shatterd. Going back to default


Like the sky, everything can be shaped as you wish and comes and goes as it pleases.